City Tour And Herbal Market

Las Musas Walk   Upon arriving at Las Musas Walk, we found a portal supported by four caryatids of approximately five meters high, on which the motto is written: HEROICA CIUDAD DE CHICLAYO, title granted when the villagers defended the patriotic interests during the war of the Pacific. This beautiful promenade was built during the [...]
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Northern Marinera & Peruvian Paso Horse

The Peruvian Paso Horse   Or Peruvian Horse is a breed of light saddle horse known for its smooth ride. It is distinguished by a natural, four-beat, lateral gait called the paso llano. This breed is protected by the Peruvian government through Decree number 25919 of Peru enacted on November 28, 1992, and has been declared a Cultural Heritage of the Nation by [...]
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Walking City Tour

The main square   Is the oldest and most representative public space in the Peruvian city of Trujillo and where it was founded in 1534. It is the main historical scene of the city of the republican era. It is located in the central part of the Historic Center of Trujillo, around it is the [...]
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Zip Line – Quad Bike (Maras & Moray)

Zip Line – Quad Bike Maras & Moray   Raqchi is located 35 km from the city of Cusco, about 40 minutes driving in private transport. In the middle of a natural landscape enjoy the view of the plateau of Chinchero, canyon of Pj'acchayoc in the sacred valley of the Incas, and the snow peak [...]
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Surf class private class + Transportation

Private Class + Transportation   Live your first surfing experience with a private Class, just you and your personal instructor. Recommended for children from 11 years old and adults of all ages. Classes are grouped according to students’ level and age. Classes include all the necessary equipment.
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