Sandboarding in Conache Dunes – Conache Lake

The Conache Lake   Is a natural water reservoir located in the town of Conache, in the district of Laredo, near the city of Trujillo in the La Libertad Region (Peru). This lagoon has an area of approximately nine hectares, and is close to the Pampas of San Juan, jurisdiction of the populated center Santo [...]
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Archaeological Complex “El Brujo” And The Lady Of Cao

Lady of Cao Señora de Cao or Dama de Cao is the name given to a female mummy of the Mochica culture discovered in the archaeological site El Brujo (Huaca Cao Viejo) that is located about 45 km north of Trujillo, in the Department of La Libertad, Peru. His discovery is compared to that of [...]
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Traditional Morning tour

Emerald Huaca La Huaca La Esmeralda is an archaeological construction belonging to the Chimú Culture, it is located in the city of Trujillo, Peru. It is estimated that its adobe construction was carried out during the first stage of development of said culture, in close connection with the capital Chan Chan. It occupies an approximate [...]
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Pastoruri Glacier

Pastoruri Glacier   The Pastoruri glacier is a Peruvian glacier located south of the Cordillera Blanca, in the department of Ancash, within the Huascarán National Park declared a World Heritage Site in 1985. It extends around the north face of the top of the Pastoruri Snowy, having its origin at 5,201 m and descending to [...]
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Chavín De Huántar Archaeological Complex

Chavín de Huántar   Among the imposing mountains of the department of Ancash, in Peru, is an enigmatic place that hides a very important part of pre-Inca history. This is Chavín de Huántar, an archaeological complex built by the Chavin culture, more than 2,200 years ago. Keep reading and you will know all the details [...]
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