Pastoruri “Climate Change Route”

Pastoruri "Climate Change Route"   It belongs to the Cordillera Blanca, with its imposing 5,240 masl makes it the attraction of thousands of tourists, especially lovers of adventure. This also highlights its flora such as La Puya Raimondi and fauna with Vicuñas, pumas, deer, Andean fox and others. Due to climate change it has become [...]
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Querococha Lagoon

Querococha Lagoon   The Querococha lagoon is a body of water of glacial origin located in the Cordillera Blanca in the Ancash region in Peru, has a dark green color and is surrounded by queñuales. It is located 57 kilometers southwest of the city of Huaraz, at an altitude of 3972 meters above sea level. [...]
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Llanganuco lagoon

Llanganuco lagoon   Llanganuco Lagoon (in Quechua Ancashino: Llankanuku, ‘greenish interior’)? It is a high mountain gorge, of glacial origin located in the Cordillera Blanca, within the Huascarán National Park in the Ancashina province of Yungay in Peru. Two impressive lagoons of crystal clear waters and turquoise color form the famous lagoons of the Gorge [...]
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Bites in Bikes Tour

Bites in Bikes Tour   We have put so much efforts in this, our newest tour.We will ride the bikes through Miraflores  and Barranco along the beautiful coastline until a real fisherman's market and make a short boat trip with one of theme. After it, bike again to a hidden beach for a Ceviche and in the way back, through the bohemian Barranco, we will visit [...]
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Lima’s Downtown Street Food

Lima's Downtown Street Food   We designed this tour for the open minded souls and adventurous stomachs. It combines the beautiful buildings of the colonial part with off-the-beaten-path streets of the Central Market and Chinesse neighborhood. Streets full of colours, urban art, history, noises, fragrances and people -excecutives, families shoping, street vendors, protesters...- everything and everybody that makes [...]
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