Juliaca Carnival

It is one of the most recognized and prolonged folk folk festivals in Peru, which takes place in the city of Juliaca, and have a duration of 7 days, in addition to being the maximum expression of folklore in the city itself …

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Chachapoyas Carnival

The celebration is held in the city of Chachapoyas, in the department of Amazonas, in this party the population celebrates with dances around the “humishas”, gastronomic fairs and popular dances are also organized …

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Carnivals in Cusco

Carnivals are a holiday that came to our country with the Colony and these are colorful events where water and joy are always present. Each region, province and district of our Peru has its way of celebrating them and in Cusco the Andean traditions are mixed with this festival brought from the west.

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Carnivals in Junín

Carnivals are a party that usually takes place before Ash Wednesday and in our country these parties are usually held amid fun water games where paintings are also present. In the case of Junín it must be said that there are two jurisdictions that stand out most for the celebrations of the carnival, these are: […]

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Lambayeque Carnival

Carnival is an event full of joy and color, especially in different parts of Peru, in which people take to the streets accompanying impressive Corsican, in addition to organizing different parties in which the whole town has participation. Lambayeque’s case is no exception and they also celebrate carnivals with all the festive spirit that characterizes […]

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