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The district of Lunahuaná (in Quechua: Lunawana distritu)? It is part of the sixteen districts that make up the province of Cañete, in the department of Lima, under the administration of the Regional Government of Lima-Provinces, Peru.

Within the ecclesiastical division of the Catholic Church of Peru, it belongs to the Prelature of Yauyos.



Wayqui House Recreation Area:
– Fulbito by hand.
– Toad.
– Ping Pong.
– Darts
*Pool (bring bath clothes).
– Enjoy in the pool while waiting for your adventure sport, workshop or activity shift.
– Sun loungers, restobar and ambient music throughout your stay.
* Restaurant.

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Visit the tourist port of Cerro Azul where we will appreciate its historic port and the old constructions of when the port worked supplied by the Cañete - Cerro Azul railway. Buy in the market of souvenir craftsmen and handmade jewelry. Walk through the tourist port.


Inca Roads and Incawasi Ruins: Observation of the Inca Roads. Arrival at the archaeological complex of INCAHUASI, in the annex of Paullo, at km. 30 of the road to Yauyos. It is an Inca city, the most important one built in Lunahuaná, made up of four groups of buildings: the palace of the Inca, the granaries, the city itself and the fortress. According to the chroniclers, for the Incas this area was so important that they built the Incahuasi in the image and likeness of the city of Cusco.


City Tour in Lunahuaná where we will appreciate its beautiful Plaza de Armas, its beautiful Church declared a historical monument in 1972, whose construction dates back to the 17th century of the colony. The Portals of the Plaza de Armas, which were built during the last years of the last century, after the war with Chile. They serve as an architectural complement to the church and the square and finally we will appreciate El Mirador, behind the Plaza de Armas de Lunahuaná stands a vigorous hill, where the image of San Juan Bautista is located. From this place, you can appreciate a majestic panorama, the natural wealth of the valley, enjoy a clean and fresh breeze, from a privileged height. Visit to the town of Lunahuaná city tour in Lunahuaná: Plaza de Armas, 17th Century Church, Grau Street, Araoz Malecon and typical shopping. Lunch (not included).


Explanation of the manufacture of wines and pisco. In Lunahuaná there is the tradition of the production of Wines and Piscos. Come and enjoy the Wine Route tasting the different wines that are produced here as: Mistela Wine, Burgundy, Grand Private Reserve, Perfect Love and Dry Semi Red. Peruvian Pisco Acholado and quebranta. Our winery where Pisco Cortes is produced, is set with the iconography of Peru today, which gives it a touch of modern Peruvianity and contact with today's mural art.


We organize activities such as painting workshop, beekeeping, winemaking, artisanal bread. Guided tours and horseback riding with contact with the local population and their animal farms. Adventure sports such as rafting or boating, canopy, ATV and rappel. Bicycle rental service is provided with complete safety equipment, instructors and maps.
Water!!! bustle, joy, frenzy, pleasure and relaxation in our GIMKANERA SWIMMING POOL, with dance, music, game, joy and color gives it its character Reyna fun.


Visit our recreation center where you can relax playing games like table football, toad, ping pong and darts. In our center you can also rest in the green areas, restaurant and cafeteria.

All sports will take place during the guided tour of Lunahuaná, the guide in charge will indicate the time to do the chosen adventure sports. Those interested in carrying out the following activities, must inform of their interest and leave them canceled before departure for programming on the route of their trip.

(does not include additional S /. 50.00)

If you are a lover of adventure sports, the canopy in Lunahuaná is one of the many that you can find in this place, where with just a pulley and cables placed end to end between the hills and the great Cañete river you descend to great speed experiencing the sensation of flying very quickly and a great adrenaline rush. In addition the Canopy or Canopy in Lunahuaná is considered the longest in South America, its 2500 meters of extension give it this recognition, already known by the inhabitants and tourists who want to live the adrenaline of flying over the Lunahuaná valley.

(does not include additional S /. 25.00)

Canoeing in Lunahuaná is guaranteed water adventure and the most requested adventure sport that is practiced in the Cañete River of the Lunahuaná Valley that bears the same name of the city, ideal for living moments full of adventure. Includes Balsa, helmet and equipment
vest. Instruction to perform the sport and instructor. All transfers are also included. Bring swimwear, polo and sandals or slippers.

(does not include additional S /. 25.00).

Tour the Lunahuana Valley aboard a quad bike, experience speed and enjoy the scenery. Adventure Sport ATV Circuit. Tourists are picked up at the entrance of the Patron Church of Lunahuana. The service begins by placing the respective security equipment to the passenger, then proceed to to give them a driving and safety talk. Once ready we start the walk that begins on the outskirts of our agency and then ascend through a path of carrosable trail exclusively for the practice of this sport. The circuit extends for an average of 3km. On average 40 min that will give our passengers an unforgettable new experience on four wheels. This combined with the experience of knowing beautiful scenery that the Lunahuaná valley presents.


(known worldwide as ATV (All Terrain Vehicles)) are all-terrain vehicles exclusively for horseshoe, sand or unpaved roads. They are easy to handle, very safe due to their stability of four tires, they have no clutch (semi-automatic), for over 10 years, however children can be accompanied by their parents and do not require previous experience or less driver's license.

Includes: Protective helmet and semi-automatic ATVs.
Timely time the guide will indicate the time of return to Lima.


  • Private tourist transport Lima / Lunahuaná / Lima.
  • 01 Breakfast on board:
  • - 01 Soda cookie.
  • - 01 Peach fruit.
  • - 01 Keke or wafer.
  • Artistic photo for everyone.
  • Professional photographer.
  • Artistic photos with murals.
  • Excursions according to the program:
  • - Visit to the resort of Cerro Azul.
  • - Observation of the "INCAHUASI" Archaeological Center.
  • - Observation of the Inca roads of Tupac Yupanqui.
  • - Lunahuana City Tour.
  • - Visit to a beekeeping center.
  • - Process and raising of bees.
  • - Tasting of honey and pollen.
  • - Sale of honey and pollen.
  • - Wine and pisco manufacturing process.
  • - Tasting in a wine cellar.
  • - Sale of pisco and wines.
  • Wayqui House recreational area:
  • - Fulbito by hand.
  • - Toad.
  • - Ping Pong.
  • - Darts
  • ? Pool for all passengers to wear bath clothes.
  • - Enjoy in the pool while waiting for your adventure sport turn.
  • - Sun loungers, restobar and ambient music throughout your stay.
  • Official tourism guide.
  • Passenger insurance against accidents or SOAT (only during transfers in the transport unit).
  • Emergency kit.


  • ATV S/.25.00.
  • Rafting S/.25.00.
  • Canopy S/. 50.00.

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