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Peruvian Classics

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English, Español


Peruvian Gastronomy


The gastronomy of Peru is one of the most varied and exquisite in the world, so much so that in the book “357 ready to understand how we Peruvians” comes to count up to 491 typical dishes.

Peruvian cuisine is the result of the initial fusion of the culinary tradition of ancient Peru – with its own techniques and potions – with Spanish cuisine in its variant most strongly influenced by 762 years of Moorish presence in the Iberian Peninsula and with significant contribution of the culinary customs brought from the Atlantic coast of sub-Saharan Africa by slaves.

Subsequently, this miscegenation was influenced by the culinary uses and customs of French chefs who fled the revolution in their country to settle, in good numbers, in the capital of the viceroyalty of Peru. Equally important was the influence of nineteenth-century immigration, which included Chinese-Cantonese, Japanese and Italian, among other mainly European origins.

As an exclusive feature of the cuisine of Peru, there are foods and flavors from four continents in a single country and, this, since the second half of the nineteenth century. Peruvian culinary arts are constantly evolving and, added to the variety of traditional dishes, it makes it impossible to establish a complete list of their representative dishes.

It is worth mentioning that along the Peruvian coast there are more than two thousand five hundred different types of soups, as well as more than 250 traditional desserts.The great variety of Peruvian cuisine is based on three sources: the particularity of geography Peru, the mixture of cultures and the adaptation of ancient cultures to modern cuisine.

Peruvian Classics  –  4 course meal


This class can be done vegetarian and vegan on request!
As lunch class it can be combined with a Market Tour and/or Fruit tasting.
As dinner class it can be combined with a Fruit tasting.


What we offer:

  • Great view over Lima’s Miraflores district
  • Nice rooftop terrace
  • Open air environment, but sheltered


2 people.
4 people on Saturday evening, Sunday lunch, and public holidays.
Single participants can join existing groups.


In very rare occasions dishes are subject to change without notice due to unavailability of some ingredients.


US$  70     per person (just this class)
US$  90     per person (Fruit Tasting + this class)
US$  105   per person (Market Tour + fruit + this class)
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Prepare the most traditional dishes of Peru: Causa, Ceviche, Lomo Saltado and Picarones.


1st course: Causa Rellena
Mashed potatoes with lime and mild chili paste
stuffed with chicken and avocado.

2nd course: Ceviche
(Ceviche variation for 2nd time visitors)
Cured fish with corn and sweet potatoes.

3rd course: Lomo Saltado
Sauteed beef, onion and tomatoes
with rice and yellow potato fries.

4th course: Picarones
Pumpkin-sweet potato fritters with molasses.

--> Water, passion fruit drink and one Pisco Sour included.

From: Monday to Saturday, Sunday lunch.
Closed Sundays & public holidays in the afternoon/evening.

1st Option: 11.00 am to 14.15 pm
2nd Option: 16.00 pm to 19.15 pm


  • Classes in English, Spanish, and German.
  • Professional cook.
  • Fresh ingredients.
  • Recipes in electronic form.
  • Additional information on your meals:
  • - origin of the dishes
  • - plating and food presentation
  • - how to replace certain products in your home country.


  • Additional drinks.

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Lima, Peru


Cancellation Policy
Cancelling more than 45 days before the class: free

Cancelling 15 - 44 days before the class: 20% to pay

Cancelling 3 - 14 days before the class: 50% to pay

Cancelling 1 or 2 days before the class: 70% to pay

Cancelling on the day of the class: 90% to pay

No show up: 100%

Change of date more than 9 days before the class: free

Change of date 3 - 8 days before the class: 10% extra

Change of date 1 or 2 days before the class: 20% extra
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