Huacachina is a desert oasis and a small village just west of the city of Ica, in southwestern Peru. At its center are the green waters of the Huacachina lagoon, which is believed to have therapeutic properties and is surrounded by palm trees. The shores of the lagoon have bars and clubs. Buggies roam the [...]
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Traditional Peru

Lima - Paracas - Ica -Nazca - Cusco - Puno 11 days / 10 nights - Only Services
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Chiclayo – 3 days

Las Musas Walk   Upon arriving at Las Musas Walk, we found a portal supported by four caryatids of approximately five meters high, on which the motto is written: HEROICA CIUDAD DE CHICLAYO, title granted when the villagers defended the patriotic interests during the war of the Pacific. This beautiful promenade was built during the [...]
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Chiclayo – Basic 2D/1N

Túcume   Is an archaeological site that is located 33 km north of the city of Chiclayo, in the lower part of the La Leche valley, northwest of Peru. It is formed by the remains of numerous adobe pyramids or huacas, around a rocky structure known as Cerro La Raya. It was one of the [...]
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Pomac Forest And The Yortuque Walk

The Yortuque Walk   Is one of the most emblematic works of the city of Chiclayo, in the department of Lambayeque. It is the largest pedestrian route in all of northern Peru, and perhaps the most striking in the country. This tourist destination is one of the great reasons to visit Chiclayo and enjoy the [...]
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