YOUR PASS PERU S.A.C, also known as YOUR PASS PERU in this document, is committed to providing the best vacations in Peru, so we recommend you read and obey the instructions of your sales agent.




  • All services that are specifically mentioned in each itinerary in regular mode.
  • Prices include taxes, all rates are expressed in US$ Dollars and S/. Nuevos soles, also it may change according to the season without notice until the moment in which the client pays all the contracted services.
  • The published rates are not valid for holidays, holidays or long weekend fines except explicitly.
  • Rates for groups over 10 people are subject to discounts, it is recommended to check with our reservations department [email protected].
  • All transportation rates are subject to change and space availability to confirm the day the reservation is made. This available rate will be sent via email by one of our travel consultants.




  • Our system displays all the information of the services offered but not the availability.
  • When a reservation is generated, you will immediately receive an automatic notification indicating that the status of your reservation will be communicated within the next 48 hours. In that period of time one of our travel consultants will send an e-mail to the registered address confirming, rejecting or providing any alternative to the reservation.
  • Passengers are responsible for correctly providing their e-mail and contact numbers, if for any reason the passengers do not receive the confirmation e-mail within the established period, they must contact YOUR PASS PERU.
  • Hotel confirmations are subject to availability, if there is no space in the selected hotel, another one of similar category and price will be given.
  • With regard to cancellations, returns and money reimbursement, these will be regulated by the terms and conditions
  • If the trip had to be shortened or extended for fortuitous reasons or force majeure not attributable to the company, the expenses caused by this situation will be exclusively borne by the customers.




  • To confirm the reservation, we must have received your payment for the services or the security deposit.
  • The payments or guarantee deposits must be made through our online system or, failing that, to the bank accounts of the company.
  • The reservation will be confirmed when one of our travel consultants informs you through an e-mail of the confirmed status and the corresponding confirmation code.
  • Our system acts as an intermediary between the tour operator companies and the passengers. To facilitate the process of booking tourist services we have commercial agreements with various tour operators who are responsible for providing the services reserved through YOUR PASS PERU.




  • All confirmed reservations of travel programs or tours are insured and guaranteed.
  • The confirmation of the requested reservation will be informed through an e-mail indicating the reservation code of each requested travel program.
  • The confirmation of the services will proceed after receiving your online reservation request and receiving a security deposit.
  • The passenger will be contacted by the Tour Operator at the place previously indicated by Your Pass Peru, then he must identify himself with his passport or identity document and pay his balance in cash (if he had one) to start providing tourist services.
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to indicate their arrival and departure details with due anticipation.
  • In case the passenger requires pick up from a specific place, other than the one published in the program – itinerary, he must coordinate it in advance with YOUR PASS PERU.
  • If you purchase a program with transportation, the passenger must show up at the indicated time of check-in at the boarding station of the bus company or at the airport, to collect his boarding pass or ticket and proceed with the trip.
  • All ticket reservations are personal and non-transferable, non-endorsable and non-refundable.
  • All tours are subject to climate factor, in case there is interference from the weather to carry out the tour this will apply the conditions of each service.
  • After the client has received his confirmation by mail or any other means of communication and he has not made any observation about any error until the date of the service he will be fully responsible since the company assumes that the passenger agrees.




  1. The Agency YOUR PASS PERU, reserves the right to modify dates, times, itineraries, etc., in case of force majeure: Political events (Strikes and stoppages), weather, military etc, and that there is any judgment Danger for customers, YOUR PASS PERU undertakes to propose alternatives in order to minimize the possible impacts on the CLIENT’s trip, in these cases customers may not ask for compensation.
  2. It is considered NO SHOW; in case it is not present in the established collection range. So also in case you are not in the agreed place.
  3. If you do not show up at the bus station or tours agreed with your passport or identity document (original) there will be no return or place to claim by the CLIENT.
  4. Upon receiving your vouchers, tickets and receipts you must verify if they correspond to the service purchased.




  • For any cancellation, by the passenger, it must be made before 48hrs from the start date of the tour, lodging or other service purchased, otherwise they will be penalized with 50% refund on the amount paid.
  • The passenger declares to know the itinerary and the program of the contracted tour.
  • The passenger will NOT be able to board the tour service if they are in a Drunken or Ethyl state.


IMPORTANT NOTE: – The reservation of programs that include transportation or air tickets are not refundable in any case. Everyone has to show their physical passport at any bus company or tour operator that requests it after the tour is purchased. After the purchase of the tour, the client accepts all the terms and conditions present.




  • In case the passenger decides to leave the hotel before the booked departure date, the difference of nights will not be refundable.
  • In case there is any reimbursement by the company, it will be given in 15 business days, discounting the transaction costs if it exists.




  • Passengers must carry a valid passport, or travel document according to their nationality, according to the legal norms required by Peru.
  • Passengers taking our services of Hotels, tours and / or Packages must carry their passports or valid Identity document to enter Peru in addition to the Andean Migration Card or their passport with stamp of entry to the country if they have paid with a Foreign.
  • Family groups that contain children must carry their passport or ID, in case they travel only with one of the parents or an attorney, they must present a notarized permit with the authorization of the parents. In case you have made the payment and do not present this documentation, the service will not be provided and 100% will be charged.




The obligation for services not provided due to the negligence of Your Pass Peru or our staff, will be limited to the actual cost of the omitted services and excludes all consequences or resulting indirect costs.

In such eventual case, YOUR PASS PERU will do its best to provide alternative arrangements of equal value, subject to availability.

YOUR PASS PERU acts as an intermediary between tourism services companies and passengers for the reservation process and the payment of services. In case the service company stops operating for internal labor reasons, force majeure or other reasons, or in case the service provider declares itself in economic insolvency, with the formalities required by the corresponding Peruvian legislation, the service reimbursement not provided will be carried out, within the aforementioned procedures and within the deadlines established by the Peruvian authorities, for each specific case.

Customers accept that YOUR PASS PERU has no responsibility for the non-provision of the services offered in case of adverse weather conditions or natural disasters that cannot be foreseen. Likewise, it recognizes that there will be no responsibility, in case of political movements, accidents, strikes or any other public act outside the control of YOUR PASS PERU, which could not be foreseen. In these cases, the value of the contracted service will not be refundable.


  • Customers accept that YOUR PASS PERU has no responsibility for not providing the transport services offered by land, air or sea.
  • The passenger accepts that YOUR PASS PERU acts as an intermediary for tourism services companies, has neither obligation nor responsibility, for the loss, damage or injury sustained in relation to the services and accommodations provided by the railways, bus operators, companies of local tourism, tour operators, steamship companies, airlines, adventure sports, hotels and accommodation facilities. All these services operate under the laws of the country, subject to the regulations that the relevant authorities provide.
  • The Tour Operator reserves the right to alter the itinerary of any program of the package / tour.
  • YOUR PASS PERU will provide the passenger with all e-tickets and / or reservation confirmations through the passenger’s e-mail consigned in the reservation form.

The services provided through this system are intangible, therefore, if passengers for any reason do not take the services on the scheduled date and time, they will assume responsibility for their total expenses.




  • Visa expenses.
  • Expenses for processing passports.
  • Personal tips, such as guides, drivers, buttons, etc. Transfers where they are not specified.
  • Excess luggage.
  • Airport taxes and / or Entrances to National Parks, Natural or Faunal Reserves not specified in the itinerary.
  • Extras of any kind or expenses that are not properly specified in the itineraries. Flights
  • Reservations: All reservations will be subject to confirmation until full payment is received for services. In case a specific agreement has been reached between the company and the client, the reservation may be confirmed with a partial payment of 40% for packages with standard category hotels and 65% for packages with superior and luxury category hotels. However, the balance must be canceled before the start of services.
  • Payments for our services can only be made as indicated in our payment methods. Once the reservation of the tourist package is confirmed to the client by means of an e-mail with a confirmation code, this will be guaranteed, except cancellation for exposed reasons, which are totally alien to the company.




  • The company accepts credit, debit and prepaid cards Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.
  • The company accepts deposits for cash payments on the account of banks in Peru and Western Union or Money Gram agents abroad. For more info, please send an email to [email protected]
  • For payments from abroad in cash through banks or agents, the client assumes the cost of the transaction.

We offer passenger tracking during your tour, hoping that your experience is the best.



Any claim you wish to make must be addressed, within 10 days of the end of the trip or the event that motivated it, to the following email address: [email protected]. Once this period is completed, no claim will be received.

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