How to Book and Buy?
Once you have chosen the tour of your choice, you can add it to your shopping cart and continue shopping more. You can add as much tours as you like to your shopping cart and pay your list straight away by credit card chek-out or through PayPal.
After that, you must send us by email to info@yourpassperu.com an scan or good quality picture of your passport. But if you are coming in a group, then of all passengers, indicating the name of the tour, purchase #order number and start date.

You will receive the reservation confirmation by email along with all details you must know about your tour.
What types of payment are accepted?
We accept all payment methods:
• Credit/Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard y American Express).
• PayPal
• Bank transfers
• Bank deposits

- IMPORTANT: May be some extra charges when wire transfer and bank deposits. We recommend to ask your bank in advanced.
Can I cancel or modify a tour reservation?
Yes, but keep in mind that such cancellation or modification may entail cancellation fees which may vary depending on the tour, the date before the start of the tour, reserved price, etc.
Information about cancellations is published in the Terms and Conditions of the Agency in the web page.
Cancellations are not accepted by phone calls. Any cancellation or modification must be made in writing via email to info@yourpassperu.com .
How far in advance do you have to make the reservation?
We recommend booking at least 6 months in advance, however, everything depends on the chosen destination, the distance and the availability of the services to be booked.
What do you need to know if you are traveling with a minor?
In the case of traveling with children under 18, in addition to the authorized travel document (National Identification Document or Passport), they need authorization according to different considerations: (i) If the child travels with both parents, it will be enough to prove the link by means of the Civil Registry of Birth, Birth Certificate or Birth Certificate (regardless of the date of its issuance) or Identification Document of the minor, where the parental filiation data are recorded, (ii) If you do so only with one of your Parents, in addition to demonstrating the parental relationship with any of the aforementioned documents, must accompany the authorization of the absent parent and (iii) if he is a child of minors, he will need the authorization of the parents and the permission of one of his grandparents. Notwithstanding the foregoing, review the necessary Travel Documentation according to the type of transport, the Supplier, and the origin and / or destination of the transport as the requirements may vary according to You travel by sea, by land or by air and according to each Supplier. In the event that the minor (s) are not traveling / n accompanied by a responsible tutor, please review the unaccompanied minor's policies of each Provider. For further information, please visit http://www.migracion.gob.sv/.
What expiration must my passport have to travel?
Most countries require an expiration date with a minimum of 6 months. If you have any questions, we recommend you call your Embassy or Consulate for further questions. We remind you that it is the responsibility of the passenger that at the time of the trip there are all their current documents in order to have no trouble with it.
What is the best season to travel to Cusco, Puno, Arequipa and the jungle?
The rainy season is usually strongest from November to March. The best time is between June and October, you will be able to find a bright sun from very early and almost no rain. But If the rain is not an impediment or annoyance for you, you can choose to visit during these months. Also because in Puno there is the “Candelaria Fest” which takes place on February. For further information, please check the "Event Calendar" in our web page so you will not miss any of the most important festivities of Perú.
Is it possible that the agency can create a different tour package according to my preferences?
Yes! We can create one based on passenger availability and preferences. Just write us for more information to our email info@yourpassperu.com
What are the most popular national dishes that you cannot miss?
1) Ceviche
2) Pollo a la brasa
3) Causa rellena
4) Papa a la Huancaína
5) Ají de Gallina
6) Anticuchos
7) Lomo Saltado
8) Arroz con pollo
9) Juane
10) Tacacho con Cecina
11) Carapulcra
12) Papa rellena
13) Rocoto relleno
14) Olluquito con Charqui
15) Cau-Cau
16) Arroz chaufa
17) Tacu-Tacu
18) Tamales
19) Pachamanca
20) Nikkei Cuisine
21) Chifa
Will we suffer from altitude sickness or sorojche?
Sorojche or altitude sickness is the lack of adaptation of the organism to heights and all the symptoms that it generates in the body and is likely to suffer during this walk to Humantay. Some of the symptoms are: Intense headache, Fatigue or physical exhaustion, heavy sleep, nausea and vomiting, agitation, digestive disorder, lack of appetite. You can drink a mate of “leaves of Coca” known for its high medicinal powers, so this will help us feel better and be able to continue with our great adventure.
Will previous acclimatization be necessary for tours in Cusco like treks from 2 days or more?
It is recommended to have at least a couple of days of acclimatization in high-altitude cities (more than 3000 meters above sea level), in this case in the imperial city of Cusco, this so that during the tour you do not have problems with altitude sickness and can make the walk without major problems, it is recommended to take infusions of “muña” and “the sacred coca leaf” Drink plenty of fluids, avoid fruits such as apples and beans, the first few days rest as much as possible and keep your body warm.

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