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El Valle del Colca es uno de los destinos turísticos más grandes, visitados e importantes del Perú. Se encuentra dentro de la región de Arequipa en la provincia de Caylloma. Colca proviene de las palabras Collaguas y Cabanas, dos grupos étnicos que vivieron a lo largo del río Colca. Este cañón tiene una profundidad de 4160 metros, es considerado el más profundo del mundo.

UBICACIÓN: Se ubica en la provincia de Caylloma Arequipa.


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03:00 a.m.

Passengers are picked up from their respective hotel, 3:00 to 3:30 a.m. Approximately to board the transport that will take us to the town of Chivay (3 hours trip approximately), in Chivay we will be around 6 in the morning here we will have breakfast and then go by transport to the viewpoint of the Cruz del Condor place where we can appreciate the Formation of the canyon and the flight of the condor here we will stay for about an hour, then in the same transport we will go to the town of Cabanaconde.

In Cabanaconde we will get ready and take another tourist car from Cabanaconde to Llahuar, the descent will be about an hour and a half, we will make a stop at the Paclla bridge to appreciate the Paclla geyser.


7:00 a.m.

We will take our breakfast. After that, we will start the trekking towards the Huaruro waterfall, a walk of approximately 1 hour, we will arrive at Huaruro and here we can appreciate its majesty for a period of one hour, then return to Fure. In Fure we will get ready to continue our walk to the Oasis De Sangalle, we will walk from Fure to Sangalle approximately 4 and a half hours.


05:00 a.m.

We get up and prepare in advance with the guide to start the ascent to Cabanaconde, once at the top we will have breakfast at the agreed restaurant, and then we will board the tourist bus to go to the Chivay district, previously making the respective stops:

First stop
In the viewpoint of Antahuilque where we can appreciate the Inca terraces of the Colca, in the town of Maca where we can appreciate a colonial church, take photos with domesticated eagles, and camelids, and where we can also acquire Colca crafts and try the colca sour drink made from the fruit of a colca cactus.

Second stop
Continuing with our tour we will arrive at the town of Yanque and go to the thermo-medicinal Baths with 38ºC where we can enjoy its relaxing waters for a period of 1 hour, then we will continue to Chivay, lunch at the time previously coordinated with the group, then From our lunch we will go to the city of Arequipa. And also on the way we will visit:

Third stop
Patapampa viewpoint where we can appreciate the southern volcanic chain.

Fourth stop
The national reserve where we can appreciate wildlife (vicuñas, birds and others) and we can also see domesticated camelids (llamas, alpacas and others). So continuing with our tour we will arrive in the city of Arequipa at approximately 5 p.m.

5:00 pm.
This is how we will end this fascinating adventure in the Colca.


  • Pick up from hotel tourist.
  • Round trip tourist transport.
  • Transportation from Cabanaconde to Llahuar.
  • Professional bilingual guide.
  • Llahuar hot springs.
  • Lodging at Fure Family House.
  • Lodging at Sangalle.
  • Food:
  • o Breakfast (3) Chivay, Llahuar, and Cabanaconde.
  • o Lunch (2) Llahuar and Oasis Sangalle.
  • o Dinner (2) Llahuar and Oasis Sangalle.

No Incluye

  • Tourist Ticket
  • Hot Spring Entrance Ticket
  • Last lunch in Chivay
  • Snack
  • Water


  • PASSPORT – very important!
  • Rain jacket or poncho (rainy months)
  • Swimming suit
  • Warmy clothes, sturdy, ideal for sports and hiking shoes.
  • Camera film and batteries (batteries consume more quickly under cold conditions).
  • Candies, cookies, hot drinks.
  • Caps and sunscreen.
  • Flashlights

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Created with Sketch. Colca, Peru
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