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The main square


Is the oldest and most representative public space in the Peruvian city of Trujillo and where it was founded in 1534.

It is the main historical scene of the city of the republican era. It is located in the central part of the Historic Center of Trujillo, around it is the building of the city’s Municipal Palace, the Cathedral of Trujillo, the Archbishopric of Trujillo, among others. Trujillo’s Plaza de Armas is crossed by Jizar Pizarro, Jirón Independencia, Jirón Orbegoso and Jirón Almagro.


The House of Emancipation


Located in La Libertad, this structure keeps a great relic of the colonial era. Its facade and its columns are typical of admiring and keep a large number of historical treasures.

In this house, Márquez de Torre Tagle managed and planned the Independence of Trujillo. It was headquarters of the Administration; of the First Constituent Congress and Government House with Riva Agüero. Inside, the model of the Historic Center of Trujillo is exhibited during the colonial era.

Its rooms are permanently open for artistic exhibitions and cultural conferences. Since 1789 the house is officially known as property of Don Tiburcio de Urquiaga y Aguirre, a natural gentleman of Biscay, married to Doña Petronila de Anachuri.

It was here that on December 29, 1820, the Mayor Tagle Tower leaves this house with a group of illustrious neighbors to proclaim the Emancipation of Trujillo, signing the minutes for those who were present.


The House of the Marshal of Orbegoso


This mansion has preserved its typical colonial floor and many of its furniture and carpets from that time. It was owned by Marshal José Luis de Orbegoso y Moncada, the only person from La Libertad who has become President of Peru (1833-1835). The marshal inherited the house in 1815 from his father, Don Justo de Orbegoso, married to Mrs. Francisca de Moncada, Countess of Olmos, and undertook from 1825 important works on the property such as the removal of an extensive corner gallery, replacing it with a balcony of drawer and wide windows of fence in the facades.


The Cathedral

Trujillo Cathedral (also known as Santa María Basilica Cathedral) is the cathedral and main church of Trujillo, Peru. Its construction lasted 19 years, from 1647 to 1666. In 1967, it was elevated to the category of “Minor Basilica”, by Pope Paul VI.

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City Tours in which we will visit:

- La Plaza Mayor
- The House of Emancipation
- House of Orbegoso
- Cathedral
- The Plaza "El Recreo"

Departures: 8:30 am, 9:30 am, 10:30 am, 3:30 pm, 4:30 pm

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Created with Sketch. Trujillo, Peru
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