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City Tour And Herbal Market

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Las Musas Walk


Upon arriving at Las Musas Walk, we found a portal supported by four caryatids of approximately five meters high, on which the motto is written: HEROICA CIUDAD DE CHICLAYO, title granted when the villagers defended the patriotic interests during the war of the Pacific. This beautiful promenade was built during the period of government of Arturo Castillo Chirinos, during 1994-1995; with the purpose of improving the decoration of the city and the quality of life of the existing urbanization in that area. In it you can enjoy the harmonious distribution of a set of small squares where nine muses of Greek mythology are shown; which respond to the names of Polimnia who is the creator of lyric poetry; Melpomene muse of tragedy; Tertisícorde muse of choral singing and dancing; Erato is the one who presides over lyric and erotic poetry; Clío represents the story; Calliope is the muse of ethical poetry and eloquence; Talía creator of comedy; Uranie muse of astronomy and Euterpe related to the art of playing the flute. These magnificent statues were sculptural creations by artist Celendino Miguel A. Díaz Díaz.


Santa María Catedral


The Chiclayo Cathedral (also known as Santa María Catedral) is located in the main park of the city, its construction is neoclassical, according to design and plans commissioned by Gustave Eiffel from whom it receives its name “Rose Meridionale”.


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Departures from 7:40 am to 10:40 am or from 3 pm to 6 pm

We begin our visit, with the Paseo Las Musas, which is adorned with gardens with beautiful flowers and whose main attraction is a monument of roundabouts adorned with Hellenic sculptures.

And if there is something that distinguishes the city of Chiclayo, it is the exciting Mercado de los Brujos, a place that is about fifty stores that sell all kinds of herbs, flowers, animal blood, whole animals, San Pedro cactus and hundreds of technologies and potions for all kinds of ailments, conditions or loving needs.

The city of Chiclayo does not have Plaza de Armas because it had no Spanish foundation, instead it has a main park, which we visited next. It was built in two sections, has a pool equipped with three water valves which give rise to three water jets that form the flag of Peru. Finally we visit the so-called Santa María Catedral, which is located in the main park of the city of Chiclayo.

It presents a neoclassical and is characterized by its monumentality (which resembles great works of Greek and Roman architectures), straight lines that dominate over curves, its simplest and symmetrical shapes, the greatest compositional rationality, decorative sobriety and order. 7pm end of tour and return to hotel.

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Created with Sketch. Chiclayo, Peru
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