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Pomac Forest And The Yortuque Walk

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The Yortuque Walk


Is one of the most emblematic works of the city of Chiclayo, in the department of Lambayeque. It is the largest pedestrian route in all of northern Peru, and perhaps the most striking in the country. This tourist destination is one of the great reasons to visit Chiclayo and enjoy the details that surround it.

It was opened in 2015, after many years of waiting. It is located on Chinchaysuyo Avenue, between the districts of La Victoria and Chiclayo.

This tourist and cultural tour expresses much of the history of the north in Peru and Chiclayo. Its objective is to provide a complete space where they can find fun and learning.

It has an extension of about 1600 meters and there you will appreciate about 60 sculptures worked in fiberglass. Most of them were created by Fredy Luque, Arequipa artist, as expressions of the Lambayeque and Moche culture. In addition, it also functions as an ecological walk, because there have been planted more than 4000 trees and 2000 species that represent the Chiclayan flora.


The historic Sanctuary of Pómac Forest (SHBP)


Is a protected area of Peru located in the province of Ferreñafe, department of Lambayeque that includes the natural environment of the archaeological zone of Batán Grande. It is one of the four areas categorized as historical sanctuaries in the country.

The objective of the historic sanctuary is to contribute to the landscape-cultural conservation of the most representative area of the equatorial dry forest ecoregion, in its typical vegetable formation of carob, with the archaeological complex of Sicán.

The area stands out for being represented by 95 bird species such as Phytotoma raimondii, Tachycineta stolzmanni, Myiarchus semirufus, Theristicus melanopis and Tumbezia salvini.

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(From 9:45 am to 2:30 pm) and (from 2 and 30 pm to 6 and 30 pm)

--> We begin our tour by visiting the ECOLOGICAL WALK OF YORTUQUE, probably the most important pedestrian project in the north in recent years, the most extensive in the country, the first to tell the full story of the development of the civilization of a town.
Here we can find sculptures that measure from a meter and a half to more than 6 meters high that together with some murals are representing the various historical periods of its population.

--> We will go to the Pomac Forest Historic Sanctuary, where there are 36 pyramids of Sicán pre-Inca culture here, it was there that the tomb of the Lord of Sicán was found, lavish burial with beautiful pieces of gold and other metals. It is currently possible to visit the archaeological complex where the famous ceremonial knives known as Tumi were found. The Pomac Forest is a habitat for a series of typical dry forest species, especially bird diversity, some of them endemic, making it attractive to birdwatchers. In addition, the millenary tree stands out: huge capricious carob tree with more than 4 centuries old

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